Quit Smoking in Berks


Are you looking for an easy way to stop smoking? Maybe you`ve tried patches, gum. willpower etc. with no success as they have less than a 20% success rate and some people get bad side effects such as rashes nightmares, nausea etc
Then try this new improved technique, combining, Advanced Hypnotherapy with NLP. Which has a 95% success rate, for people that really want to stop, with only good side effects, such as saving you money and improving your health. The price includes a free backup session in the unlikely event that you may need it. I`ve stopped nearly 2000 people smoking and go through whole families


After smoking for 22 years, I visited James, and in just one hour, I was no longer a smoker, it was that easy. The feeling of not having to smoke makes me very happy, and when I see people smoke it seems strange, as it really is that easy to stop. I can reccomend this treatment to anyone. John Wood from Beaconsfield.


Having been an asthmatic since childhood, I used my inhaler around 6 to 8 times a day. Especially over the 17 years that I smoked 40 per day, and following the hypnotherapy 5 years ago with James; I have not smoked, and no longer use inhaler. The effect on my health was amazing, and I am much fitter and healthier, and would thoroughly reccomend this treatment to anyone. Its the best money I have spent in my life. Pat from Newbury.

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